Mortgage Brokers

Purchasing real estate is something we all dream of doing and most of us will do at least once in our lives. Whether it is for a private residence or business purposes, not everyone has the financial muscle to acquire real estate outrightly. And this is why a mortgage is needed.

However, getting the best mortgage requires that you employ the services of expert brokers. And this is where we at Bearded Dragon Finance come in. We have expert mortgage brokers with many years of experience within Australia who will guide you through one of the most significant decisions of your life.

By analysing your financial position, we make unbiased recommendations on the best mortgage product for you. We also help you devise a mortgage strategy that will keep your non-deductible debt at the barest minimum. We then help you acquire and hold on to real valuable assets, minimise your risk exposure, as well as future tax deductions.

Regardless of whether you have an existing mortgage or you’re a complete newbie to this market, we got you covered. We provide you with a mortgage strategy which you can use to review existing mortgages. As such, you can see how good they are and make the necessary rectifications to reposition your finances.

We recognise that the importance of a good mortgage strategy goes beyond property acquisition as it determines your overall financial position. As such, we provide you with an efficient and effective mortgage strategy that helps you to attain financial stability, acquire assets without having to sell existing ones, and optimise tax deductions.

While most people focus on interest rates when mortgages are discussed, believing that lower interest rates mean a better deal. We know better. Our focus is on the overall management of your money, risk, tax and debt to realise the full potentials of your property and improve your finances.

We define our mortgage strategy with three words.

Analysis: We undertake a review and evaluation of your current financial state to understand your financial goals

Design: Drafting a comprehensive strategy based on this evaluation.

Select: Choosing the most suitable lender for you based on your strategy and the favourable rates.

Why You Need A Mortgage Broker

You might be wondering why you need a mortgage broker when you can approach the lenders yourself and secure mortgage. Yes, this is possible, but never advisable.

Real estate acquisition is not like picking a candy pack from the counter; it’s more like buying medicine, which is best done based on the advice of experts. Mortgage brokers are the experts when it comes to mortgages, and they possess the knowledge, relationship, and experience that makes them invaluable where the lease is concerned.

As licensed professionals that must abide by specific rules and regulations, we are bound by law to protect your interests and work hard to save your time and energy. With expert opinions and recommendations, we guide you through the entire process from application to underwriting.

Why You Should Choose Us

Expert Opinion

Securing a mortgage requires a comprehensive approach if you are to get a deal that you won’t regret. To do this, you cannot rely on mere gut instincts or seek to copy a friend’s approach. The reality is that the inherent risk is too significant as often than not, what works for your friend will not work for you, leaving you worse off than you started.

We also make all necessary inquiries into the personal finances of our clients as we believe understanding the uniqueness of your circumstances will guide us to give better recommendations.

Choosing us gives you access to a better mortgage strategy, handling of your mortgage process from start to finish, negotiating the most affordable rates for your mortgage, monitoring and support after securing the mortgage, and lots more.

Wider Lender List

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we have access to various lenders, each presenting its mortgage options. Once we have analysed your position and drafted a suitable strategy, all we need to do is to cross-reference with our lenders and pick the most suitable option for you. When doing this, we consider many factors such as repayment structure, interest rates, etc.

There are various options available, including:

  • SMSF loans
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Line of Credit
  • Basic variable
  • Standard variable
  • Package loans
  • Honeymoon loans

We have developed trust-based relationships with major lenders in the market. And this helps in quickening your application process and ensuring you secure the mortgage and move into your dream house in no time.


Knowing the importance of information, we ensure that our clients have complete access to facts and data related to their mortgage. We’re always open to questions about grey areas.

So, if you need a mortgage broker, at Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer top-notch and useful solutions to every of your need.

In case you require more information on our mortgage broking services, you can contact us through any of the means below.

We’ll be waiting for you.