Insure Yourself

There’s a wide range of circumstances that may arise. And while some are foreseeable others are not. Even more, while some are desirable, we would rather avoid others. And this is where we come in. At Bearded Dragon Finance, we understand the need to protect yourself and assets from these undesirable situations.

We provide a wide range of insurance product that’s relevant to both individuals and businesses. For business, we ensure that regardless of your sector, we provide the best results both financially and practically. We also offer the right advice for your financial circumstances.

Our offerings cut across the following areas:

Business Insurance

Running a business is already challenging enough. You also have to prepare for unforeseen circumstances such as fire, business interruption, and burglary and theft, among others. And this process involves getting the best and most appropriate insurance cover for a wide variety of circumstances.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we provide services and insurance product that ensures your business can smile through these unwanted occurrences.

Property Insurance

Owning large properties and renting or leasing them is a great and popular business idea today. However, it’s quite risky. We understand that your properties can face physical destruction and damage. As such, we help you get comprehensive protection for your property.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we provide services that ensure you don’t feel the financial loss of damage to your property.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Running a business is impossible without employees. They are practically the limbs and legs of the company. However, it also poses some risk to organisations, especially in situations where your employees get injured while working.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we understand this considerable risk. And as such, we provide services that ensure you can cover your business from liability and still cover the medical expenses of your workers.

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Fidelity/Crime Insurance

White-collar crimes have increased considerably in recent years. And while it’s great to trust your employees, in reality, you might not be exempted from its possibility. We understand the risk posed by these fraudulent acts and its impact potential on your business. As such, we provide a wide range of insurance products that protects you from counterfeiting, computer fraud, forgery, employee theft, and erroneous removal of funds, among others.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we provide services that ensure your business doesn’t suffer financially from white-collar crimes.

Professional Indemnity

We also recognise that business that offers expert advice may be liable for an error in judgment, incorrect information, or misconduct. As such, we provide insurance products that keep them safe from potential litigation.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer these services to accountants, bookkeepers, engineers, IT consultants, medical practitioners, and fitness instructors, among others. We ensure that your business can’t get hurt by these claims.

Marine Transit Insurance

Transporting your goods is quite a risky business engagement, primarily via sea. There are a variety of issues that may arise. From theft to damage in transit, your business might suffer financial difficulties without proper preparation.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we provide services that ensure you can secure your goods through their period in transit. We cover both exports and imports and a wide variety of products.

Home Insurance

Our homes hold a special place in our heart. And that’s understandable after all; our most cherished memories occurred there. However, your home and its assets are not exempted from various risks. We understand this underlying risk and allow you to cover your property from damage, including theft of assets within.

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we provide services that ensure that you don’t have to worry directly about the cost of rebuilds or repairs from damage.

Cyber Insurance

Today, the world is increasingly global, thanks to the internet. And while your businesses can benefit mainly from this development, it still poses some risk. There are various threats to your business data which can result in business interruption and substantial financial loss if successful.

We understand the need to provide protection and provide a wide range of insurance products that cover privacy management, extortion, media liability and network breach. At Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer services that ensure that you’re fully covered from any form of cyber threat.

So, if you need to safeguard your assets and plan for future financial liabilities, at Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer top-notch and useful solutions to every of your need.

In case you require more information on our insurance services, you can contact us through any of the means below.

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