Estate Planning

Today, financial planning doesn’t just stop during your life – and it shouldn’t. It extends to how your property gets managed and distributed to beneficiaries after your death or during old age. At Bearded Dragon Finance, we recognise this importance and offer custom services that allow you to safeguard your family and assets.

We understand that it’s not just about making plans for death. Instead, it also concerns considering how your assets should function in some instances. We understand that financial decisions should be made not just in cases of death but also in cases of emergencies and disabilities.

As such, we provide a team of financial advisers that work through your financial circumstances, family size, and family structure to provide the best estate plan. We ensure that you can protect your family and loved ones in the future.

To reach the best decision on your behalf, we also consider a myriad of factors. They include:

  • Taxation and tax consequences in the event of transfer or sale of an asset. Our team provides a structure that allows you to minimise your tax obligation.
  • Asset protection, irrespective of changes in the situation or the occurrence of significant events. Significant events include divorce or marriage, death, new child, and home purchase.
  • Protection of your income and family in the event of disability, injury or illness.
  • Protection of your eventual beneficiaries from legal proceedings or actions against them. Actions include divorce proceedings or bankruptcy.
  • Family law matters.
  • Transfer of control and ownership of your assets to the right people.
  • Claims to property that might be made by other family members contrary to your wish.

Our service offerings include:

  • Drafting wills to guide and stipulate the manner of control for individuals, family trust, and private organisations
  • Advice and recommendations to executors
  • Advice and guidance to guardians
  • Establishing testamentary trusts
  • Creating a deed of guardianship
  • Making powers of attorney
  • Making an enduring power of attorney

At Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer broad expertise in each of our offerings. We have seasoned professionals who have considerable experience in the administration and planning of over a thousand estates. We ensure you have our team safely guiding you through the emotional and technical elements of the plan.

We don’t just stop there. We come in as your long-term adviser and partner. You can always rely on us to be around when there are changes to your financial situation and needs. We understand that every case is complex and also has the potential to get even more complicated.

So, we stick around ensuring you never experience difficulties. We free you of both the administrative and technical burden.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is quite straightforward. Put simply it’s about planning to have total peace. And this involves putting the right framework, through financial decision so your assets get distributed your way, effectively at that.

Generally, your estate planning can get tailored to various outcomes. They include:

  • A strategy to help you minimise the risk associated with your estates
  • A policy to protect vulnerable beneficiaries by creating testamentary trusts
  • A strategy to protect assets for heirs who are likely to face a divorce, legal action, or bankruptcy
  • A plan to reduce taxation for the beneficiary and estate through income streaming and discretionary powers, respectively

Why Is Estate Planning Important?

Estate planning isn’t just about drafting a will. Yes, you’ll need to have a will. However, estate planning goes far beyond. It covers other areas concerning the transfer of wealth after you pass away. It includes powers of attorney, family trust, and the various tax implications for your beneficiaries.

It also covers situations where there’s a change in family size or family structure before your death, for instance, the birth of a son, or perhaps the birth of a granddaughter. And this is why it’s crucial.

Even more, you stand to gain various benefits. And they include:

  • Avoiding disagreements between beneficiaries after your passing away
  • Control over how much and what precisely each recipient gets from your asset
  • Reduction in your tax obligations on the capital gains derived ad income on your assets
  • Protection of your assets in cases where your beneficiary is involved in some legal battle

So, if you need to safeguard your assets and plan for its transition to beneficiaries, at Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer top-notch and useful solutions to every of your need.

In case you require more information on our estate planning services, you can contact us through any of the means below.

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