Budget & Cash Flow Analysis

Your financial strength is determined by how stable your income and expenses are. We understand that budgeting and cash flow analysis is a core aspect of financial planning. And that people often find it challenging to do it themselves. At Bearded Dragon Finance, this is where we come in. We take all those difficulties away as you move to reach your financial goals.

As always, we provide a professional and exceptional service offering under this category. At Bearded Dragon Finance, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current income, expenditure, taxes, and other financial obligations.

We then make a budgeting plan to ensure you can manage your expenses more prudently and save for future investments efficiently. We help our clients to free up scarce funds for investments while also providing an opportunity for them to meet their day-to-day needs.

We make our projections and final budget based on the strength of the information you provide. Therefore, we always encourage our clients to provide very accurate info. Regardless, our team is exhaustive in their desire to gather such vital information with which we can draft a comprehensive budget.

Why Are We Important?

Planning a budget then following it through is something that most people find very difficult. But you can’t blame them? After all; even countries sometimes fail to implement their budgets fully. However, with our services, we make this delicate yet essential task easier.

With our budgeting plan, you can enjoy your current desires while also setting aside a portion of your income which we can use to:

  • Plan for your retirement;
  • Create and sustain emergency funds;
  • Build up your investments; and
  • Protect your estates and other real and financial assets.

How We Do It?

To ensure adherence to the budget, our financial experts involve you and your family in every part of the process. We also explain your overall financial state based on your expenses to you. After this, we implement a reasonable budget based on you and your family’s lifestyle to reflect personal choices. However, since we serve only in an advisory role, the decision is always your decision.

To provide our exceptional service, our experts follow a specific set of processes aimed to give you the best experience for your money. This includes:

Collecting Relevant Information

This is the first step, and it involves obtaining every piece of information that we think is valuable in analysing your cash flow and evaluating your financial position. Information regarding your income, employment, essential expenses, habits and lifestyle choices, retirement plans, etc. are needed to reach a holistic conclusion.

Determining Future Tax Liabilities

Using the information collected, we can make expert projections on potential tax liabilities on all fronts. Be it federal, local, FICA, Medicare, etc. Knowing your potential tax liabilities helps you to prepare for how to meet the obligations when due and also factor it into your expenses.

Drafting A Suitable and Custom Budget

After establishing your expenses, income, and other financial obligations, we prepare a suitable budget using your inputs and the recommendations of our financial advisors. This budget covers both fixed necessary expenses and other discretionary/leisure expenses such as entertainment, travel, hobbies, etc. By doing this, clients can achieve both short term financial goals such as buying a car, and long-term ones such as education funds, retirement plans, etc.

Determining Cash Available for Potential Investments

Investing is a necessity for financial growth, and as your planners, we are committed to your growth. The purpose of budgeting is not only to free up money to achieve short term goals but also to invest. After subtracting your taxes and expenses from the income, the residue is your available cash flow for investments.

However, we understand that you have other financial goals as well, and we consider this when determining how much you should set aside for investments. You can rest assured that cutting back on frivolous expenses through budgeting is merely a means towards creating more investments for yourself.

Continuous Support and Review

Even after the implementation of your budget, we continue to monitor your finances and adherence to the plan. This way, we can review the budget based on changes in the financial position or market conditions or in the case of emergencies.

We believe that with our budget and your commitment and compliance with it, you can surely achieve any predetermined financial objective. Also, regardless of your current conditions, it is never too early or too late to start planning.

So, if you need to get right on the journey to financial independence and security, at Bearded Dragon Finance, we offer top-notch and useful solutions to every of your need.

In case you require more information on our budgetary and cash flow services, you can contact us through any of the means below.

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